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12 Questions to ask a Website Developer

12 Questions to ask a Website Developer

12 Questions to ask a Website Developer

Choosing a website developer for your new business venture is a critical decision, and should not be something you jump straight in to. You are basically entrusting them with your company image, as the website is usually the first thing your customers will see.

There are so many different website companies available, but not all of them will meet the needs you require. This is why it is so important to ask the correct questions to each website developer, in order to give you the confidence that they are the right fit for you.

This New Website Questionnaire will show you what questions you should be asking, and what answers you should expect.

Website Developer Questions

1) What is your Lead Time?

Before you even consider deciding on your website developer, you need to understand how long they may take to start the designing and building of your website. There is nothing worse than having all of your ideas ready, but having to wait several months before they are even looked at!

For those who don’t know, the lead time is the time you will have to wait for the work to begin. For example: If you are given a 2 week lead time, it means the company will not be able to start your project until 2 weeks from the date you contacted them.

2) How long will my Project take?

Now you know how long the website developer will take to start your new website, the next thing you should be asking is how long it will take to complete! After all, what is the point in having a 2 week lead time, but a 6 month completion time! The average time of a website project from start to finish should be around 14 weeks. This will depend on how much information you originally give a developer, and how complex your website will be.

Many companies will take on more than one project at a time, which in itself shouldn’t be a problem, unless the time given is a lot longer than the average!

3) Will you listen to my ideas?

Designers can be tricky people to work with. They always have their own views on how things should look, and how things should work. However, the website should ultimately be YOUR ideas. You are the one who knows your business, how it should look for your customers, and who your customers are.

Any decent website developer should always find out what their clients requirements are, and listen to what is being asked of them. They should be able to put your ideas into action, and not go off on their own path.

4) What are your views as a website developer?

Following on from your ideas, you should also be willing to let your developer come up with some ideas of their own! You may be an expert in what you do, but they are the experts in website design! They should be able to take all of your ideas, and then explain how they could possibly make them work better for your website.

Always be concerned if they do not want to add their own ideas in to the mix. You are not just paying for their website design; you are paying for their knowledge on how to make the design work for you!

5) Do you have a Content Management System in place?

For those who don’t know, a Content Management System is something all good website developers should offer their clients. The CMS is what will allow YOU to make changes to your website. Without one of these, you will end up calling or emailing your website developer on a daily basis to update certain aspects of your website for you – costing you more money in the process!

It shouldn’t really make much difference what kind of CMS the developer has implemented, as long as it is simple for you to use! If it is too complicated or not explained fully, then steer clear!

6) What support do you offer?

Although your website developer has a CMS in place, you may still require help if things go wrong. So you really need to know what support they offer you once your website has been designed and built.

A company who doesn’t offer you support once your project has been completed, should not be a company you should look at.

7) Are your website designs responsive?

The majority of website users are browsing from their mobiles and tablets these days. Because of this, your website should look good on these platforms. Some companies will design you a website suitable for a desktop, but will not put any thought in to what this design will look like on a hand-held device.

Always ask if your website developer will design your project to look good on all devices.

8) What does your operation look like?

A question a lot of people would never consider asking is how the companies operation works. You are looking for a company who keeps your project to their company, and doesn’t sell on certain aspects of the work to third-party companies. This could cause problems if any errors occur, or you are not happy with your final design.

You are paying company A to design and build your website. You do not want company B helping!

9) How do you price your projects?

During my research, I found that a lot of companies have a “one price fits all” way of working when it comes to website design. Basically, you tell them you want a business website, they tell you the cost! A lot of people will look at this and think “£495 for my website! Brilliant!” I strongly urge you not to entertain these website developers! Put it this way: If you go in to a sandwich bar and ask how much a sandwich will cost, would you not expect a ham sandwich to cost less than a hot chicken and bacon sandwich?! My point here is that a company would not be able to give you a costing without ALL of the information on what YOU want your website to look like! This brings us nicely on to the next question...

10) Are there any hidden costs?

With these companies that give you a price without really knowing what you want, there will no doubt be hidden costs and price hikes throughout your project. (If there are none, and it really is a “one price fits all” design – then are you really getting a unique and quality website?)

There is nothing worse than receiving a quotation, getting your budget together, and then finding out at a later date that you owe a further cost! You should always find a website developer who can give you a quotation that is final – regardless of how the project goes.

11) How do you ensure my project is executed correctly?

Any company in the world should always have a quality control checklist. As soon as anything has been completed, this checklist should be executed to make sure every item is marked off. Without this, things could be missed. And if things are missed, things may go wrong!

Always ask your website developer how they will ensure your project is to the standards expected.

12) How many re-designs do I get?

You and your website developer could have conjured up some magical ideas for you website design, and put them all in to development. You could be half way through this project, when you decide that it isn’t actually what you thought you wanted. So where do you go from here?

A good website developer should be aware that once an idea has been put in to practice, the client may not like the look once they see it in place. Some website developers will let their clients have a set number of re-designs as part of their costing, but some will make you pay again for a whole new re-design.

Always ask the question, and always choose a developer who will give you a chance to re-design your website – even if their cost is higher than one who doesn’t. It could cost you more in the future if you don’t.

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