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What is a Mobile Responsive Website?

What is a Mobile Responsive Website?

What is a Mobile Responsive Website

What is a Mobile Repsonsive Website?

A responsive website changes and adapts the design of your site to fit different sized screens. This is an important aspect of any website design, as it will give your visitors the best experience possible.

As a screen gets smaller, the content of the website design will change. It may take certain content away, move pictures to show above text, or condense things like your menu bar in to one simple box.

So how does a responsive website work?

Responsive Web Design

The History of Responsive Web Design

After the launch of the Iphone back in 2007, responsive websites did not exist. Why would they? There was never really a device other than a desktop or laptop in which we browsed the internet. The Iphone started to change the way we used the internet, and started to change our way of thinking about the designs being used.

In these early days of the mobile internet, if you viewed your favourite website on a screen a lot smaller than your desktop, you would find the content was a lot more difficult to read. You would have to zoom in to be able to read the content! Not very good if you are trying to get customers!
So in order to combat this problem, people started to think about how their website designs could be adapted for the mobile phone. They would basically re-design their website for mobile use, meaning they had 2 websites to maintain. The problem with this, is that they now had an increased maintenance cost. They would have to promote and maintain several sites for their SEO Rankings, and would have to design several different websites for different mobile phone screen sizes.

In 2010, the whole process for adapting websites for mobile phones changed. This was thanks to a gentleman called Ethan Marcotte . Ethan has been credited with coining the term "Responsive Design", and came up with the concept of flexible and fluid layouts that would adapt themselves to different sized screens. This would mean you build ONE website, and write what are called "Media Queries" to control what the site does depending on the screen size.

Why is it Important to have a Responsive Web Design?

Take our website for example. We have several categories in our menu bar. Should you try and view this menu on a mobile phone, the text will be so small, that you would have to zoom in to read it. So by using a responsive design, the categories will be condensed in to one box on smaller screens in order to make it easier to read. It is all about customer focus and usability!

So do all Website Designers use Mobile Responsive Website Designs>

The majority do, but I have found many who will charge you extra for designing you a Mobile Responsive design. Why? Because it involves more coding - so more time and work - to make the site. For me, this seems ludicrous! I mean, would a car factory charge you extra for having electric windows on your car? Not now they won't, as this is a standard design for modern vehicles! Because of the importance of responsive designs today, I believe that this should now be a standard on all websites and included in the cost. It should never be a question to ask!

Why Quillations Design you a Responsive Web Design as Standard

As we are aware of the importance of having a Responsive design for your website, Quillations include this as standard on ALL of our website designs.

Find out more information on this, by visiting our Google Plus post on Responsive Web Designs today.


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