Friday, 5 January 2018

Why Freelance sites Grow your Business

Why Freelance Sites help Grow your Business

Why Freelance Websites will help Grow your Business

We are now in 2018, and Quillations Website Design Services are branching out. We have taken steps to ensure our clients can find us across the internet, and to make sure we stay ahead of the competition by posting on Freelance websites to help grow our business. So why have we done this? Why should you also consider doing the same for your business? And how will it help a company to grow?

Why has Quillations Posted on Freelance Websites?

In order to enhance and grow a business, you need to be found. And in order to be found, you need to appear in as many places as possible. At Quillations, we have our advertising across the usual platforms such as This is great, and should be one of the first things any business owner should look at. But there are more ways of getting your name and business out to potential clients: Freelance Websites.

For all Self Employed business owners, we have a different and vast set of skills which people require a use for. For Quillations, our main skill and business is Website Design and Coding. For others, it may be Wedding Cakes which is your speciality. But with every "main" skill we all have, we can offer our clients so much more. And this is where the Freelance sites will help get these secondary skills across to your customers.

Quillations can offer so much to our clients, yet we do not want to push everything in to our advertising all at once and confuse our core target audience. So we have taken the decision to advertise some of the services which complement website design on Freelance websites.

How can a Freelance Website help your business?

Lets go back to Wedding Cakes. Your website is designed around the fact that you can create luxurious cakes for your customers wedding. You want to be found as the "go-to" person for wedding cakes. But you can offer so much more than that. And this is where a Freelance website can help you.

If you can make wedding cakes, then there is no doubt you are a very competent baker. So why not advertise cupcakes on your website? Or Birthday cakes? Or other "cake based" products? Probably for the same reason your local Mercedes dealership doesn't advertise that you can purchase merchandise from their showrooms. They are first and foremost a CAR dealership. Just like you are first and foremost a WEDDING cake business.

By setting up a profile on a Freelance website, you can advertise the fact that you can make cupcakes without affecting your main company focus. And by offering these "smaller" jobs on the freelance sites, you should in turn lead these potential customers to your core product. Not only will you get your name out to more potential clients, you may also pick up extra business which you hadn't thought possible!

So how will it help your business grow?

Simple: If all you advertise is wedding cakes, the only clients you will receive are those who are getting married. By joining a freelance website and offering cupcakes for any occasion, you will open up to more clients.

The two main websites Quillations can now be found on are and People Per Hour. These are the most popular websites, and allow you to search and bid for potential work during your quieter working hours.

So why wait?! Get your business out there, and start 2018 in the best possible way!

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