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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Build Your Own Website in 2018

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn

Why You Shouldn't Build Your Own Website

Free. Easy. Quick. Designing and building your own website seems like a simple project that anyone can complete. And although there are many reasons that will make you decide building your own website is a good idea, but you may not have considered all of the factors involved. Is it really all that it is cracked up to be? Is building your own website as simple as it sounds? This Blog Post will give you the 5 main reasons why you shouldn't be building your own website in 2018.

1. Free Websites Are Not All That

Whilst people will love getting things for free, a website should be different. It may save you time and money and be simple to create a good-looking website, but then there is always a catch.

Hidden costs could await you after a trial period. This may leave you to either pay a hefty monthly fee to carry on with your site, or have to start all over again. Either way, the end result costs you more time.

In order to have the website for free, you may be required to add several banners promoting the website builder you used. This may be acceptable for some of you, but ends up making your website look cluttered and unprofessional.

Do not use a free website builder because you think it will save you time and money. You may be surprised how much you actually spend!

Free Websites Are Not All That

2. Your Websites Appearance May Not Be As Individual As You Think

So you spend time using the drag and drop options on your chosen Free Website Builder. You edit the colours, change the font sizes, and generally make your website the best it can be. But this does not mean your website is unique in any way shape or form.

One-Size-Fits-All templates, drag and drop designs, and free websites in general all have one thing in common: they often look amateurish, and will not give your website that professional look you should be striving for.

Remember; just because it was easy to edit, does not make it unique!

Your Websites Appearance May Not Be As Individual As You Think

3. The Support You Receive May Be Non-Existent

You have set up your website, and all is going well. You may not really worry that you used a free website builder, and that your website looks like other designs out there. But then something goes wrong. What do you do? Well usually you will call up the support team to guide you in the right direction. But does your free build website have a support team?

You may be surprised to learn, but the level of support you receive from a free website will usually be non-existent. After all, why should they help you out if you havn't signed up to their monthly package?!

If you are lucky enough to get through to a support team member, you may be put through to their international call centre, meaning you will be waiting for a long time for them to check and correct any mistakes on your website.

At least with a professional Website Designer, you will have a personal assistance to help you!

The Support You Receive May Be Non-Existent

4. Do You Really Have The Time?

Even if you are using a free website builder, do you really have the time to spend designing and creating your own website? You may be able to get the basic design laid out within 24 hours which has it's appeal, but that isn't the end of the build.

Creating an efficient and reliable website takes time and patience. From the SEO side of things, to the smooth running of any functions you may have. Have you set your site up to respond to different mobile phones or tablets? Does that image really stand out enough? All of these things make a website stand out and look professional - and all take time to complete.

Rather than using all your efforts to build a website, why not concentrate on what you do best; running your own business.

Do You Really Have The Time?

5. Have You Enough Experience To Build Your Own Website?

This brings us nicely to our final reason as to why you shouldn't build your own website. Experience. Unless you have decided to set up a website design company, your expertise will normally lay elsewhere. Building a website takes a wide variety of skills, and it is unrealistic to think you can be an expert at everything that will be involved. I mean, even the experts are still learning!

And it is because of this constant learning from the experts that should make you realise that it may be a better option to get them to design your website for you. Yes it will cost you more money than a free website(!), but the value for money you will receive will be better in the long term.

Have You Enough Experience To Build Your Own Website?

So Please Ask The Experts!

There are many website designers to be found on the internet - ourselves included. We all offer different pricing structures, different skills, and different experiences. You should never go with the first website designer you find, but get a comparison of at least 3 different companies. This will give you an insight in to what they can do for you. To help you with your choice, please check out our blog post on the Questions to Ask before you approach a designer.

Please Ask The Experts!

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