About Gary Evans

About Gary Evans

Gary Evans is a family man and C.E.O of The Quillations Group. He wants to help out people just like him, earn their own money without having to spend a fortune. He is self-taught in Website Design, and keeps up to date with the latest developments. Gary continually strives to improve his skill set, and is always scouring the internet to find new courses to help him learn more.

About Gary Evans

My Life Story

I was born on the 18th March 1982, in Bedfordshire, England. Growing up, I had never decided which road I wanted to take when it came to work. My mother was a teacher, and my father worked at a company making windows for aircraft. I travelled the world with my family, and we were always comfortable when it came to money. This was something I wanted to carry on, and make sure my own future children would have the same life-style I was accustomed to.

I was actually forced in to my first job in customer services. After leaving college without any qualifications, and only a handful of C grades at GCSE level, I wasn’t the most skilled employee anyone would employ. I took the job and quickly progressed through the company, and ended up working in London on a decent wage.

I married my wife on the 14th April 2011. She already had a 3 year old daughter, and eventually we had a son together in January 2012. It was then that I realised I was never spending time with them. I soon moved on to a job closer to home, but was made redundant shortly after. I was now jobless, signing on to jobseekers allowance, and feeling down.

A New Chapter

Feeling sorry for myself, and being turned down for job after job, I decided it was time I took the bull by the horns and think outside the box. I took the decision to sign off of jobseekers, and go Self Employed. I took several business courses, and eventually started selling handmade craft online.

Although I was receiving a few orders here and there, the money just wasn’t enough to give my children the sort of life I had. Feeling sorry for myself once again, it was my brother-in-law who came to my rescue.

Website Designing

Owning a business himself, my brother-in-law needed to have his website revamped, and a blog set up for him. It was whilst creating this blog that I decided this was an avenue I would like to explore. So I found online courses, taught myself CSS3 and HTML5, and away I went. Having designed my very first blog for money, I now had the passion I had been missing for all those years.

The Future

Having now created my own website design business, I am trying to build up my portfolio and receive clients from around the world. I dream big, but am realistic in what the future will be. The prices I quote for my designs are very reasonable, as my USP is to help people like me get a start in the world of Self Employment without having to spend money you really don’t have.

My income at the moment may be a lot less than what I started out with, but I have learned that family is more important than cash. Do what you love, follow your passion, and help others achieve their dreams.