Blog Design Services

Blog Design Services

Get Your Blog in Your Website

Blogging is something which has grown drastically in recent years, and continues to do so. It is a way of getting your own expressions across to the world, and a way of gaining another source of income through affiliate marketing. But if your Blog doesn't look professional enough, then why would anyone want to visit?

Quillations can incorporate your Blog in your Website, or as a stand-alone single page blog at great prices. Using Blogger as the platform of choice, Quillations will deliver you a professional looking blog for your own personal use or for your business.

As with all of standard Blog designs, we can get your posts to appear on the first page in a design suited to what you require, or we can incorporate the Blog element on a seperate page to give you a Blog in Website Design. All of our blogs can use the standard Blogger web address (i.e, or you can register your own domain name. Either way, you will get a quality and professional Blog design from Quillations.

Blog Design Services

When is a Blog not a Blog?

When it is designed by Quillations! Depending on which package you end up choosing from us, your Blog will be designed to suit your requirements. By setting up different "tags" on each blog post, we can incorporate these into your search bar. By doing this, you can separate your posts in to different categories - which can be an excellent idea for affiliate marketers.

When it comes to the ultimate layout for your blog post pages, we will code up a template for you to use each and every time. This will make it easier to write, and take the hassle of coding away from our clients. And as with all of our orders, a quick check guide will be provided free of charge - just incase!

What is the Cost?

As with all of Quillations Web and Blog Designs, all costings will be provided with your FREE Quotation after your initial contact with us. The layout will be designed in rough for you, with a password protected link sent over. This will include the costing for the deposit which will be required should you decided to use our Blog Design Service, and the total cost we will charge. And as the design will be shown to you BEFORE you decide to purchase, you will see exactly what you are receiving for you money!

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We look forward to working with you in the near future, and would also like to thank you for checking out our website. For a FREE Quotation, please head over to our Contact Page and fill in the required information.