Website and Blog Refresh Services

Website and Blog Refresh

Refresh Your Website or Blog

Have you had the same design on your website or blog since its creation? Have you found other companies in your niche are starting to overtake you in their designs? Then Quillations Website and Blog Refresh is the first place you should start.

We can take your existing website or blog design, and help change the layout and look for you - regardless of what website or blogging platform you are using.

We can also take your website from an existing platform and move it to Blogger. By doing this, you will eliminate any hosting fees you may be paying for.

Website and Blog Refresh

How Does It Work?

Our initial steps are to run our 7 point check across your current website or blog design. This will flag up any errors which we will inform you of. Our next step will be to let you know how we can eliminate these errors to help boost the performance of your website or blog.

Should we decide that your website needs to be built from the ground up, we shall inform you of the costing for us to perform this. There is no point in refreshing a website that is falling apart. If you decide that you would rather use this information to go back to your current website design company, then we will provide you with a comprehensive list of the problems for you to go back to them with.

What Checks do you Provide?

As with all of our website and blog designs we build, we will run a 7 part check list using external websites to get a complete overview of the code quality and SEO performances of your website or blog. This will give a clear indication of where problems may occur, and a possible reason why you may find yourself sliding down the Google Rankings.

We Look Forward to Hearing From You

As a company, we are passionate about websites. Be these our own designs or others from across the internet, there is nothing more satisfying to us than seeing a well built site performing well.

We shall provide an initial check for you FREE OF CHARGE, showing you our findings. We will then leave you to decide how best to use this information. Should you wish to use our Website and Blog Refresh Service, then please get in touch with us today.