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Cheap Responsive Web Design

Refresh Your Website or Blog

Have you had the same design on your website or blog since its creation? Have you found other companies in your niche are starting to overtake you in their designs? Then Quillations is the company you are looking for!

We can take your existing website or blog design, and help change the layout and look for you - regardless of what website or blogging platform you are using.

We can also take your website from an existing platform and move it to Blogger. By doing this, you will eliminate any hosting fees you may be paying for.

Quillations Website and Blog Design Standards

All of our websites and blogs are checked using a scoring system out of 100. All of the pages on score 95/100, which is the highest mark achievable. This is down to factors which we cannot influence due to the Blogger platform. These factors are as follows:

  • HTTPS Test: This is something which you can request and pay for from an external company, but is only a Medium Priority. This is handy to have if you take payments from your website, as it shows an added level of security has been added.
  • Inline CSS: This is 1 line written by Blogger, and has no impact on your website. This is marked as a Low Priority.
  • Libwww-perl Access Test: This is a script which searches for vulnerable websites. Blogger has it's own software to help with security, and we cannot access the relevant files to change this. This is marked as a Low Priority and will not impact the security of your website.
  • SPF Records Checker: A Low Priority which checks if emails are genuine and not marked as spam. Again, we do not have access to Bloggers files to change this, but it will not affect your website.
  • With regards to the above 4 queries which are flagged up, NONE of these will affect any part of your website. Please visit our seo checker to view our website today.

    Thank you for taking time to check out our website, and if you require a Cheap Responsive Web Design Service from us, please get in touch. We look forward to working with you soon.

    For all enquiries, and to request a free quotation, please Contact Us today.

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