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Find out about Quillations and why we started our website design and photo editing services. Get an incite in to Gary Evans - the face behind the company, and what drives us to succeed.

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About Quillations

Quillations originally started many years ago as a paper craft company, creating earings and greeting cards to sell on the Etsy website.
After making a minimal contribution to my bank balance, I decided to fold the company and leave the paper craft making as a hobby in my spare time.

Quillations Affordable Website Design started when a family member asked if I could help them out with a new website design. After creating a simple Blogger blog using coding, and a WordPress website for him, Quillations had a whole new road to be driven down!


About Gary Evans

Hello! My name is Gary Evans, and I am the face behind Quillations website and photo editing services.
I was born in 1982 in Luton, and have a wife and 2 children. I live and operate from Dunstable in Bedfordshire, and my home is my office!

I have been studying website design and photo editing for several years now, and hope to build my business to give my family the lifestyle which they deserve. Family is everything to me, which is why I decided to go Self Employed after I lost my job back in 2012 – a few weeks before my little boy turned 1 years old. It allows me to spend more time with them during the holidays, and helps keep us close.

I love design and computers, and am forever studying any aspect of both. My main passion is Newcastle United Football Club! I have supported them since I got in to football in 1996, and have followed them through thick and thin!

Gary Evans Website Designer
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