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create your own website for free

About This Post: Create Your Own Website For Free :

I have created this post to show you why it is not a good idea to create your own website for free.
I have had many customers go down this route, and all of them end up paying to have their website re-designed. 
Read on, and find out why.

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Why You Should Not Create Your Own Website For Free

If you speak to people who create their own website for free, they will probably tell you is one of the best website builder around.

This may well be true, as it is an easy-to-learn platform where you can create your websites.

But there are several problems using a platform like this.

Don’t get me wrong – it can be a stepping stone to getting your business on the Internet.

But this will still come at a cost. A cost which is actually worse than spending money. A cost which will end up costing you more in the long run.

Many of my customers have built their websites using Wix, and all of them have regretted it.

But why?

How could it possibly cost you MORE money by not SPENDING any?! 

Let us delve in to the basics, and show you…

E-Commerce Websites
Don't Waste Money On So Called Free Website Builders! | Gary Evans

#1: E-Commerce Functionality

So you have built your website to sell items online.

You have chosen a “create your own website for free” service, believing you can do this.

But you can’t.

In order to set up an E-Commerce functionality for you “Free” website, you have to PAY!

Current prices are £13 per month.

£156 per year.

For life!

Does that scream “FREE WEBSITE BUILDER” to you?!

So by choosing not to pay for your website, you are losing customers simply because you cannot sell to them!

#2: Adverts

You want a website which shows your are professional.

One which tells your visitors that you are not some “cowboy”.

Yet with a free website built using the likes of Wix, you will have to display their adverts.

But in order to clear these and make your website look more professional – you have to PAY!

The cost: £6 per month.

£72 per year.

So how many customers would you potentially lose for having an advert which isn’t yours on you website?

Enough to put me off, that’s for sure!

Own Your Own Website
Make Your Website Your Own | Gary Evans

#3: Ownership Of Your Website

When you create your own free website on any platform, you own the content.

Anything you create is yours.

It is as simple as that.

However, do you REALLY own your own website?

Put it this way: Everything you create on WordPress is yours. It will remain unchanged until YOU change it.

Everything you create on a Free Website Builder comes with “Terms and Conditions”.

So although you may own everything you created, you do not really own your actual website.

If Wix wants to change the way it’s systems work, it could possibly change how your website looks.

Thus meaning your website may not be 100% yours.

The other draw back of a “create your own website for free” platform, is that inevitably you have to pay to connect it to your own domain name.

So you may create a stunning website, but you won’t be able to brand it as yours until you pay.

At least by purchasing a website and having a hosting platform, you have the peace of mind that your website is definitely yours!

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#4: Mobile Responsiveness

A huge problem with a lot of these “create your own website for free” platforms, is that they do not come with Mobile Responsiveness.

What does this mean?

It means the majority of your website visitors will not be able to view your website as it should be.

According to statistics, mobile phone users are increasing each year.

This means that the majority of people like to shop online.

So if your website is not mobile friendly, you are basically losing a vast audience. use what is called “Absolute Positioning”, aligning elements to Pixels and not the users screen.

This means that if some of your customers screens are smaller than others, the positioning will look wrong.

It isn’t as adaptable as it should be to different screen sizes.

What you require to make a website look good on ALL devises, is Responsive Design.

And Wix just doesn’t “cut the mustard” with their “old school” approach.  

By paying a website designer like Quillations,  you are guaranteed to have a mobile responsive website, which WILL look good on different screen sizes.   

So What Is The True Cost Of Creating Your Own Website For Free?

Or to put another way:

“How much will you save in 5 years by paying a designer to create your website”?

Let us break it down:

E-commerce Design on Wix per Month = £13
No Adverts on Wix per Month = £6
Domain Name Registration per Month = £1 (on average)

Total For 1st Year =£240
Total For 5 Years =£1200

Compare that with a basic E-Commerce site from Quillations:

Basic E-Commerce Design = £175 One Off Payment
Domain Name Registration per Month = £1 (on average)
Hosting Service per Month = £6 (on average) 

Total For 1st Year = £259
Total For 5 Years = £420

A saving of £580!

This saving, plus the time you have saved, is surely better than creating your own website for free?!

Plus, with the money saved, you can afford to pay for any updates in the furute!

(Domain Name and Hosting prices are taken from Go Daddy as a rough guide)

So should you create your own website for free?
Well if you want a bog standard website which you can’t sell anything on, and isn’t Mobile responsive – then go ahead.
But remember:
It will end up costing you more by building one for free!

Why pay a fortune before you have made one?

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