Mobile Responsive Design

Mobile Responsive Design

Make your website mobile responsive today

Mobile responsive design is a must for every website owner.
The majority of people browse the internet from their Smart Phones these days.
If your website does not show well on these devices, then you could be loosing customers

Mobile Responsive Design For Your Website

Mobile responsive design elements were something a lot of people did not factor for when they first created their website.

But according to statistics, the rise in mobile internet browsing has increased to over 50% Worldwide.

This is compared to just under 3% in 2010!

Due to these increasing factors, it is important that your website design is fluid enough to look good on any device.

Quillations can help make your website mobile responsive for you, and create them as standard with every new website.

Not sure your website is mobile friendly?

Request a Free Healthcheck today, and we can let you know!

What happens if your website is not mobile responsive?

With the ever increasing popularity of Smartphones, todays’ population are turning to their mobiles for their web browsing.

As the majority of business owners started their websites before the Smartphone boom, their sites are purely designed to look good on desktops.

Although this was acceptable at the time, it is now turning potential customers away.


Back in 2015, Google rolled out a new algorithm which factors in a websites mobile responsiveness. 

It means that Google needs to make sure your website is readable without having to zoom, and that you can easily click on the links.

If your website is not up to Googles standards, you will be penalised.

If you are penalised, you will start to lose customers.

So it is extremely important that you get a mobile responsive design quickly.

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