What Does it Cost to Host a Website?

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About This Post: What does it cost to host a website?
Website Hosting does not have to be as expensive as you may think.
If you are a small business or a new startup, then this post will explain how Quillations can help you save money.

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What Does it Cost to Host a Website, and How to Save Money When it Comes to Hosting

Money makes the World go around. And the Internet helps promote your business.

But what if your cash flow is low? Could you afford to spend money on Website Hosting? What does it cost to host a website these days?

Well this is where Quillations can help!

In order to have a website online, you require a reliable Website Host. But does “reliable” mean expensive?

Simple answer: NO!

In fact, our very own website is actually hosted on a FREE hosting platform. So what does it cost to host a website for my business? Monthly outgoing = ZERO! That’s right – it does not cost me ANYTHING to have my website hosted.

So does this mean my host is unreliable?

Let’s delve in to the differences between Paid and Free Hosting…

What Does it Cost to Host a Website
Money Makes the World Go Round: So Don't Waste it! | Gary Evans

Paid Hosting Accounts

Let us have a quick look at what it costs to have a Paid For hosting package. 

For this example, I have used the Hosting Company that I use myself. (Personally I have had no problems with this company, but there are others out there too!)

Hostinger Single Package

The cheapest of their website hosting services is usually $5.99 per month, but as I write, they are offering this for just $0.80 per month!

For me, this says something. How can they give such a HUGE discount on their website hosting?

It may have something to do with the fact that more people are realising that their free offer is actually not that different!

Hostinger Premium Package

This is currently at $3.49, down from $11.95 per month. But for such a great price, you are given a lot!

However, as a new startup or small business – the packages on offer are of no relevance to you. Why? Because you will not gain the amount of traffic required to push the boundaries of the free package.

This may sound harsh to you, but honestly: You do not need any extra gadgets or gizmos, disk space or bandwidth. 

Now I am not saying you will NEVER need them. After all, if your website kicks off big time, you will have the extra money to purchase the Premium Package.

So why not just purchase a hosting package now?

There is a really quick answer to this: Because you are just starting up!

  • You don’t have the cash flow available
  • You don’t have the website traffic to crash your site
  • There are other options
Cost to Host a Website
Start Out Small, Then Grow With Time | Gary Evans

Free Hosting Accounts

What does it cost to host a website which is free, in terms of what are you NOT getting.

So let us have a look first at these cons of having a free hosting account.

  • No Email Accounts

Erm… That’s it really! And even that can be fixed with a free email account!

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, my very own website is actually hosted for free. And I can do the same for you!

Quillations Affordable Website Design Services can help you from Start to Finish and Beyond. 

We can set up all of your Email accounts, Website Hosting and more. All you need to do is drop us an email! So what are you waiting for? 

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So what does it cost to host a website?
Absolutely nothing! Apart from extra disk space and bandwidth, there is nothing that the Paid Account has, that the Free Account doesn’t!

Why pay a fortune before you have made one?

Quillations Affordable Website Design

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